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What Color is ‘Appalled’, Anyway?

What Color is 'Appalled', Anyway?

      Ah, spring. Wish you were here. Somehow, we skipped you here in central PA and dove straight into summer. Bah. One such as myself is not made for steamy days and humid nights. Argh. Worse than the weird weather we’ve had, is the fact that it continually jumps back and forth between warm (verging on hot, we’ve hit 80 already in March!) and cold. Which has left me sick twice in the past month and really killed my productivity level.
      The completed first draft of WT: Incandescence stood at 152,212 words which seems like a lot. I knew there would be many cuts to make in the second draft, but I also knew there were several crucial scenes that I needed to insert as well. Presently, I am nearly finished with ‘Part One’ which is, admittedly, the shortest part. With all the cuts and edits and fixes, this section came out with an almost identical word count. Color me stunned.
      And appalled. I really thought I had been pretty brutal with my slicing knife, trying to tighten up the opening section.
      Seriously – they are less than 1000 words apart (an important 1000 words, mind you).
      I suppose the proof is in the pudding, though. My first two beta ‘readers’ will let me know if the changes I’ve wrought improve the tale or no. Then its on to a third edit, an editor, a (hopefully) final draft and… *trumpets blare* publication.
      Before all of that, however, I have 135,000 words left to edit and being sick since Saturday night has slowed my roll. Its time to put nose to grindstone and work.
      Wish me luck!

Love & Rainbows,