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Why I Write

Why I Write

      Whether asked with loving anticipation of some soul-deep answer or with a quirked brow and a sarcastic tone – ‘why do you write?’ is a question that all writers must face one day. To me, it is vital to know why I do anything that I do, let alone why I do the one thing I’m most passionate about.
      So I have ruminated on that very question many times. Most recently, I thought about it while attending a small writer’s conference put on by the lovely and talented, Kathryn Anderson last summer. It was a wonderful two days and I definitely recommend, if ever you have the chance, that you take the opportunity to join the class. I digress (and channel Sophia!).
      One of the first exercises we did that weekend was to open up our fresh and lovely new Moleskine journals and answer the question posed above. Why do you write?
      The following is what I scribbled in the minutes that followed:

I write because the people and places living in my head demand it.

I journal to remember the good things, to learn from the bad, and to record the strange awesomeness that is me for perpetuity.

I have indentified as a writer since before I knew the word.

I write to grow my mind, to puzzle out what’s in my heart, and often, to berate my body.

I write because I love to read and its a natural progression. I long to contribute my own words to the enormous, illustrious collection of literature in the world.

I write because I have to, I must. I would never sleep again if I didn’t put pen to paper and let the words spill out.

      In my journal, there’s an addendum about writing to shame (or pressure) my best friend into finishing his long overdue fantasy novel AND because his poetry still makes me smile, all these years later.
      So, that’s it. That’s why I write. I have to – no choice.
      How about you, friend? Why do you write?

Love & Rainbows,