…but with less booze.

      Okay. So, here’s the deal. I’ve been editing. Re-reading and editing my WIP Incandescence for a few weeks now. Its pretty intense. But- BUT – I have started to feel as if I am treading water. I’ve had trouble merging a few threads that I previously believed already seamlessly melded. Nuts.
      But then! A glorious burst of brilliance (tee-hee) and inspiration struck me! And I knew how to fix the things that had been bugging me since before I even started writing Draft One. I danced, I celebrated, I sat down today with the intention of rocking out a few thousand words of an edit while listening to the awesome speakers at the Koda Conference. And… the day escaped me as I struggled to find a place to stick my scalpel and start slicing, gluing, tweaking…
      It was not settling in properly. The changes feel right in my head, but on the page, as it stood…stands?… it just wasn’t gelling. So.
      What I’m proposing is a tossing, in toto, Draft One. Beginning anew. From scratch – no, not scratch. Semi-scratch. Semi-homemade. And now we’re back to Sandra Lee and booze.
      Its a daunting task, but with all the revisions I’ve made to my outline, filling in some gaps in the world outside the immediate setting of the plot, fixes I’ve planned… it makes sense. But oh, gosh! To scrap 152,212 words mid-edit and just…start composing again. I weep.
      The good news is, much will be salvageable. Its just that the layout of the chapters will have to be altered, and some niggling details will need changed… the telling of the story is probably much the same, but the pieces that aren’t are so wide-stretching that I don’t think just shifting them in will work.
      So, I think I have to start with a blank page and start again.
      From semi-scratch.
      God, I need a drink.

Love & Vodka,

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  1. That is a gigantic change–but if it needs to be done, it is done. Should we list Gray Goose as one of the authors?

    • Are you kidding? Its only the cheapest of the cheap for my liquid inspiration!

      Argh – its really intimidating to do, but it feels necessary. I’m in love with (most) of the plot and the characters and I know there’s a great novel in here – but without these far-reaching changes… It sorta sucks.

      So… blank page.

  2. If you think a rewrite will make the story and the characters more dynamic and the world and all its upheavals clearly defined then do it.
    I think it needs more sex and rock and roll in it though. Just my thoughts.

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