WTB Tardis, PST!

WTB Tardis, PST!

      Its two, two, TWO geek references in one subject line! Whee!
      Yes, today I am feeling in rather desperate need of a TARDIS or other space-time traversing device. Maybe a Time-Turner would work.
      Anything that would allow me to fulfill my familial obligations, my day job responsibilities, my writing goals, and my social media expectations. That’s not to mention the books I want to read, the movies and television shows I hope to catch up on, the friends I rarely get to see/call, the hand-made peanut butter-filled chocolate Easter eggs I want to learn to make with my fiancé’s mother.
      Now, writing a simple blog entry may not take hours of tinkering the way composing a chapter does, but it does require some time. And then there is the Twittering. I’ve only just opened my account and begun to follow people, and since I do not have a book to promote (nor a large collection of blog entries to recycle with tweets) I cannot really set my tweets up all at once and have them auto-tweeted on a schedule. I sort of just… tweet as it occurs to me that I have something to link to or say. Plus, participating in my Facebook writing groups, scheduling conferences to attend, scanning the stuff my family and friends post on Facebook (hey! Its important to keep up with baby photos and dramatic love lives! *wink*).
      Its overwhelming!
      There are so few hours in the day, I don’t know how people manage it all. I am hoping to get my name out there, my brand built even as my novel(s) are still being written and edited, yet I have not had a chance in two days to open my WIP and edit a single word!
      So in the coming weeks, I may post a lot or a little, I may tweet frequently or not, and I may not be as vocal in my Facebook groups as I’d like… but the whole point of this is to discuss and promote my work and my love of the written word. Thus, I need to learn to balance my time between WRITING and all the rest.
      Any one out there have brilliant tips for managing your time? Focusing those few precious writing moments? Quitting your day job to write and not starving to death, being evicted for non-payment and all that jazz? *grin* Just Kidding on that last bit… maybe.

Love & Rainbows,

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  1. You’d never get anything done with a TARDIS. You think you’re going back to work on the blog, and–BANG! You’re off to party with Catherine the Great, trying out those insane ice slides she loved.

  2. Mm. Curse your logic.

    Yet… would that be so bad? I might be willing to give up my dream of being a novelist in order to flit about the expanse of space and time to learn and see and do.

    I could always retire and chronicle my adventures after the fact… *sigh*

  3. Woh! I am lucky to find this website through google.

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