The One About the Bullrat & the Raisinette

The One About the Bullrat & the Raisinette

      Are you one of those people who dreams amazing, twisted, high-def dreams and then just lets them fade into the foggy brain-soup never to be thought about again?
      I’m not.
      I keep a notebook by my side of the bed at all times. This is separate and in addition to the notebooks I keep in my purse, in my gaming bag, by my computer, in the bathroom (yes, there too) because you never know when inspiration is going to strike. And in my experience, its fleeting and easily forgotten. So I make an effort to SNATCH that stuff right out of the air when it appears to me, wrangle it onto the page, and pray I’ll be able to read my own handwriting when the time comes.
      Its funny that I though I do scribble (SO often) the lingering images and plots of my dreams (and nightmares) into various journals, diarys, notebooks, pizza delivery receipts…*cough* They do not seem to make it into my work very often.
      Maybe that’s because there is not much of a market for books about a sentient raisin and her raisin family running in terror from a common rat who just happens to have fake bullhorns tied onto his head as he chases the raisin family from their Barbie Doll dream mansion, across the dining room table, and then off the ‘cliff’ where they plummet to their horrific splattery deaths.
      Yes, that’s a recurring nightmare I had frequently in my preteen years. Its scribbled out in pathetically earnest detail several times in old diaries. Also – one I used to have often but which has not resurfaced since 2006 – involves running away from something horrific and evil only to come face-to-face with what can only be described as ‘worse’. That one, with some tweaking, could one day make an awesome horror/thriller. But I’m afraid to focus on it long enough to draw out the details, lest it come back.
      One summer-into-autumn I had that damned nightmare almost every night and got approximately 9 hours of sleep in the course of a month. It was one of the worst periods of my, admittedly ‘not terrible’ existence. I shudder to relive it.
      Some day.
      Just not, right now.
      I’ve got too many other projects in the pipe anyway.
      So – my point.
      Dreams, no matter how vivid or fascinating at the time, rarely make their way into my actual novels. And I’m wondering if that is weird. Especially given that I do record them so fervently. Maybe, rather than recording potential material for future novels, I write them down to keep a chronicle of what my brain is filled with – or to purge the bad stuff and remember the lovely ones. More likely, it is a hold over from my teenage obsession with all things occult, including dream analysis.
      Then again, I stopped paying attention to dream definitions after several sources revealed that my recurring (and awful) dreams about my teeth falling out indicated that either I was concerned about my appearance or powerlessness in some aspect of my life. I remember thinking ‘No Duh!’ and slamming the book shut (yes, I am ancient and this was in the day before the internet was ubiquitous). I was a fat teenaged female. Of course I was worried about my appearance AND felt powerless. Sheesh.
      Also, I have big, deep-seated issues with my teeth.
      So – do you dream in color? Black & white? Both?
      Do you record your dreams?
      If so, do you think they make their way into your writing?

Love & Rainbows,

P.S. This makes me want to write a whole OTHER rambling post about how the things we see/do/write/read end up IN OUR DREAMS… but who really wants to hear about the (many) times I dreamed that I was my Neverwinter Nights character running through the forests of Faerûn?

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