Smutporn and other Keywords

Smutporn and other Keywords

      A friend-slash-fellow writer, Raymond Frazee recently noted that ‘smutporn’ was a popular search term to reach his blog. This is not (not by a long shot!) the strangest combination of words that have directed people to his blog, but it did get me thinking.
      Keywords and search terms, all the back-end bits of blogging, are really important for driving up traffic and building a following. I get that. And there are tons of plug-ins and whatnot to help me optimize those options. I get that, as well. But I am not sure (exactly) the sort of things I should be promoting.
      Its easy enough for people with well-established ‘brands’, or with really well-defined genres/intended audiences/et cetera. Or at least, I imagine it is easier. Smutporn, while awesome, is not necessarily what I would expect people to associate with or any of my novels. And while Incandescence is fantasy, it is a large deviation from my more typical fantasy. It may turn out to be a Young Adult novel, but most of my work (especially that in combination with Jack) is absolutely intended for mature audiences. So do I focus on more – YA centric audiences (for now) and change as my future works become available? What if Incandescence turns out to be non-YA? Then have I misdirected a whole slew of readers? Am I guilty of false advertising? AAH! The pressure!
      Can you tell that I am not great with decisions?
      I waiver.
      Maybe, for the moment, it does not matter overmuch. My first ‘to be released’ novel is still being heavily edited/re-written and though I have a bunch on the horizon (and many in the drawer, begging to be revitalized and released in the future), until I am closer to a publication date, I think I will just continue to row my little boat and test the waters of the interwebs. Wow – that’s a mixed metaphor/cliché/whatever.
      Now – since I have no smut or porn to offer just now – I hope that keyword isn’t the one that brought you to If so – let me direct you back to Raymond’s page. Or maybe Jack’s. Either of those boys have more than enough twisted imagination to enthrall you.
      I’ll stick to magic-flinging siblings, war, and violence.

Love & Rainbows,

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  1. I have magic-slinging in one of my stories, too! And tons of violence. We should let our characters meet.

  2. Essentially, well said. Indecisiveness is the raw material for our imagination. However the indecisiveness often leads to inactivity in my writng. *sigh*

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