Summer Reruns & Sex Tapes

Summer Reruns & Sex Tapes

      Its almost May, which means its season finale season (er…redundancy for the win) in the land of the Magical Moving Picture Box. Within a few weeks, as the temperatures rise and the layers of clothing are shed, the powers that be will begin regurgitating their, frankly, already primarily regurgitated programs. And for whatever reason, we will watch.
      But that’s not going to be happening here on! Eff no!
      Instead, because I’m cool like that, we’re going to be (hopefully!) bringing in some incredible guest bloggers as part of a Virtual Blog Tour (though, to be honest – aren’t all blog tours pretty much virtual? Hmm?). Celebrate good times, come on!
      Yeah. That was pretty lame. But I am excited. I’ll get to share my crazy-nuttiness with some other writer’s readership in hopes of sparking my own fanbase and … some other poor schmuck will post here hoping to do the same. Too bad my audience numbers approximately…two. Well, hits-wise its somewhat larger, but only two people comment with any regularity. Myself and Raymond, that is.
      As I said last week, I’m not going to stress over my numbers (or lack thereof) or comments or Re-Tweets. I’m saving all my stress and freak-outs for the actual novel.
      I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it in any previous posts, but my current WIP, Incandescence is not my normal cup o’ tea. I’ve dipped my toes into a sub-genre that is sort of tangential to my favored type. Modern-Day Fantasy. Mages in America (or wherever). With all the differences in tone, in voice, in setting, et cetera – this book is a pretty big departure for me and so I do feel a little more stress about it than normal.
      That, plus I am intending to actually let people read it. I haven’t always done that in the past. In fact…
      I have not really done that since High School. Probably because my confidence was built-up fairly high about that novel and I, with my perpetual fear of failing, was too damned afraid of not living up to the previous heights that I just stopped sharing.
      Plus, most of my novels are unfinished. They’re sitting around in various states of undress, waiting to be ravished and have their dirty sex tapes posted on the internet for everyone to view.
      Wait – what?
      You know what I mean. Don’t you?
      Speaking of sex tapes – I was doing some research on Youtube last night (no, really!) and came across a song that I had never listened to but had heard about – Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”. (My thoughts: Catchy. Awesome make-up. Awful wigs. Sexy build.) I just happened to glance down at the comments and noticed that the newest one said that Nicki Minaj had just released a sex tape.
      I don’t know if that rumor has any truth to it. But it made me pretty glad that I don’t have young daughters, because I know many little girls who LOVE Nicki Minaj and until last night (sex tape aside) I didn’t realize how super-freaking-inappropriate her music is for young ones.
      What does ‘beez in the trap’ really mean, any way? And why are all the other girls ‘stupid, stupid hoes’?
      Sorry – that was an off-topic rant, wasn’t it?
      To summarize: There will be no re-runs this summer on!

Love & Rainbows,

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  1. Where are the sex tapes? We need to see them!

    I think tomorrow I’m writing about how I got into writing. That should be an interesting post.

  2. Coming Soon!

    I can’t wait to read that.

    I’m working on my origins backstory for the VBT 🙂

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