Under Pressure

Under Pressure

      Get more followers! Get more comments! More views! More Re-Tweets! More! More! More! EAT ALL THE CAKE!
      Oops. I slipped into a little meme there at the end. Sorry about that.
      I am a writer. I’m not a natural self-seller. I’m not a born publicist, promoter, pimper-out-of-myself. (Pimper-out? Whaaa? Moving on.) I’m just a chick with words on a page and I don’t look good in hats.
      Unfortunately, I’m forced to wear them. Lots of different ones.
      Well, I should not say forced, but let’s be frank here, shall we? The likelyhood of getting a publishing contract with one of the big boys is – in this modern, digital era – pretty freakin’ slim. Smaller houses, even, are going for proven self-pubs or self-promoted authors who already have an internet identity to build-on. So in addition to writing the novel and making it the best, most lovely book it can be – we independent writers must be editors, publicists, agents, cover artists, and so on.
      Its a lot of pressure.
      Or at least it is for me.
      Thus, I am going a really low-key route. I’ve started a blog and its (mostly) about my work and process and whatnot. I’ve joined a few helpful writer’s groups. And I’m learning all the time about – new approaches, what works, what doesn’t, how to develop my ‘craft’ (which sounds SO pretentious, doesn’t it?), how to self-edit, better ways to compose, how to promote and sell the thing once its ready. But what I’m not doing (*cough*anymore*cough*) is letting myself get overwhelmed by all the other hats I will have to wear when any of these WIPs are ‘done’.
      Its too easy to become paralyzed by all the responsibilities, possibilities, choices, decisions… by all the WORK. And I cannot afford to let myself be bogged down by that stuff. First and foremost, I am a writer.
      I write for my own bat-shit crazy reasons; to clear my head, to placate the voices in my brain, to tell the stories of the characters I’ve discovered… All the rest, all those hats which are just going to give me static-y, frizzy hair anyway, can wait.
      Writing – the actual WRITING – is what is most important now.
      I mean, why have a blog about your writing if you don’t … actually … write…?

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  1. You should have also mentioned that, by handing with other writers, you get to met strange and unusual people–like me.

  2. I was sitting here nodding as if the unseen movement of my head would somehow grant you a temporary +1 to Confidence and Edification.

    You are however absolutely correct, and I think I can identify in myself those same feelings…in almost everything I do.

    You are certainly the voice of your age…wait aren’t you older than me? I certainly don’t want to be claiming your old wrinkled ass if it’s not in my best interest!

    Thanks for helping me find the spark again!

  3. You’re welcome.

    And thanks for calling my perfectly LOVELY ass old and wrinkled on the interwebs. Appreciated.


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