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Whiskey Cream Sauce

Whiskey Cream Sauce

      I am truly blessed.
      I get to work from home.
      Lots of people, myself included, talk about how they wish they could work from home, how wonderful it would be, how much more stuff they would get done, how much more time they would have, blah-blah blahbbity-blah-blah-blah. And to some extent, it is true. Here’s a list:

  • More Time: save an hour a day in commute time
  • Eat Better: using that ^ hour to make breakfast
  • More Accomplished: sneaking laundry or chores into my breaks
  • No Shoes: I fucking hate shoes. Don’t have to wear them.
  • No Socks: Double-ditto that!
  • Comfy Clothes: I can work in my PJs, if I so choose.
  • Always Home: No missed deliveries!
  • Peace & Quiet: No constant hum of other people distracting me

      And that all sounds pretty awesome, right? It totally is. I am about to ‘go to work’ right now and all I have done to prepare is roll out of bed, brush and corral my crazy hair into a ponytail, scrub my teeth, and come to the pseudo-office-space to log-in. Note that – get dressed – is no where on that list. Tee-hee.
      Unfortunately, one of my biggest goals in working from home, was sketching out more time to write and I have not really managed that at all. I seem to have even less time for writing. Plus, not all is as rosy as you might think when you’re alone (mostly) all day, trying to work at home.

  • More Time: Somehow translates to even less time for writing.
  • No Commute: Going to the store means leaving home, rather than a stop on the way.
  • Comfy Clothes: PJs almost every day makes you feel like a schlub.
  • Eat Better: No vending machine for a 2:30 pick-me-up.
  • Always Home: What’s the weather like? I have no windows!
  • Alone: No one to talk to (except chatting) or ask questions.

      So, its not a perfect situation. But I do prefer it and I really do feel blessed that my incredible bosses have allowed (nay – asked!) that I work from home. I’m just saying – its not as ideal as I always envisioned.
      I get up at 5:30 a.m., perform my morning ablutions, try to blog OR work on editing, attempt to catch up on my Facebook, ignore Twitter entirely, and then – work starts. My job is not one with much down-time, alas. The phone is always ringing, the inbox is always hopping, and before I know it – its quitting time. Then the evening comes, and after all day in this chair, the last thing I want to do is spend more time here, but I must. First, we’ll make dinner, then take a walk, then hang out with Jack, and then write- Oh crap! Its bedtime. Well, I’ll get to it in the morning. And repeat. Ad nauseum.
      I’m just putting this out there as a cautionary tale.
      Working from home does not mean you will magically have time to write.
      You’re still going to have to eke it out wherever you can. You’re still going to have to put in the time and effort. You’re still going to have to DO something about it, if you want to be a writer.
      How? Well, here’s another spiffy list!

  • Steal twenty minutes before work (like I am now) and blog or sprint or flash fiction – just to keep your writing muscles supple.
  • Schedule time and STICK to the schedule.
  • Make daily goals and keep journal/spreadsheet to track them.
  • Accept that some days you may not make your goals…
  • …but NEVER stop trying!

      Life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, right? Well sometimes, life hands you lemonade and it turns out you fucking HATE lemonade. What then? Reduce that junk down in a pot with some butter and cream and whiskey and pour it over your asparagus.
      Wait- what?
      The point is – well, a) I watch too much Chopped, and b) even things you think you want may not be what you really need or like. But you’re a writer, right? A creative-type. So turn it on its ear and make it work for you. If you are serious about it, you have to REALLY work at it.
      Have I ever mentioned how much I hate really working at anything? That’ll be another blog post.
      For now, just… keep writing. Keep reading. And try that lemon-butter-whiskey cream sauce. It sounds ridiculously good right now…

Love & Rainbows,