Tuesday’s Tunes: Narada

Tuesday's Tunes: Narada

      A disclaimer. Some of the songs posted will have naughty language. Some will be terrible in your opinion. Some will be terrible in my opinion. Watch the linked video(s) at your own risk.
      That said, if you have ever wondered what sort of songs are punctuating scenes in my head, come back every Tuesday to find out.

      As I mentioned recently, I used to get into THE ZONE by listening to Bryan Adams’ “So Far, So Good” on my walkman. Circa 1992, okay? Give me a break – I was twelve. Plus, if I’m being honest, I still have like seven or eight Bryan Adams songs in my rotation.
      Where was I? Oh yes, THE ZONE.
      I find it more difficult to get there these days. I blame all the distractions of the interwebs, cell phones beeping, and my darling Jack. But its okay and I’ll tell you why.
      Even when THE ZONE eludes me, I have beautiful music like the stuff below to soundify (hah – better than songify) my scenes. Things without lyrics that immerse me in the imaginary culture of some fantasy realm. From the soaring, tinkling “A Thousand Golden Bells” which was my first official introduction to the Narada stable of artists, to things like “Ride into Midnight” and “The Long Road”, Narada’s instrumental, Celtic, New Age-y music has been the soundtrack to many of my fantasy pieces.
      Now, I do understand that Narada is the collective not the actual artist, so don’t bother correcting me. Its just that whether the songs are by David Arkenstone (love) or Keiko Matsui, or any of the talented folk who ever put out music under that label are most easily classified in my world as “Narada”.
      Anyway – without further ado, here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Love & Rainbows,

P.S. I couldn’t find “A Thousand Gold Bells” which… <3 ... but still, almost anything by Arkenstone or the Narada artists is lovely.

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