Changing the Conversation

Changing the Conversation

      Despite having a lot of opinions and a lot to say, I generally prefer to stay out of debates about politics. I vote, and not just because its my civic duty but because I feel that as both an American and a human being, it is the right thing to do. You probably will not find a great deal of political rhetoric on this blog, should I keep it alive for a matter of months or years (unless, God forbid, Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann are ever elected to the presidency), but today I saw a story that struck close to home. I simply had to share.
      It showed up in my Facebook feed (what doesn’t, these days?) from a wonderful, talented, extraordinary friend named Jaymes Cady and normally, I would not have clicked on it because it appeared to be one of those hyped-up, sensationalized political pieces that people frequently repost without watching. Thankfully, I know Jaymes well enough to know he is not the mindless ‘share this’/’repost that’ type and since the comments on his post were somewhat heated and sparking discussion on their own… I clicked.
      I’m glad I did.
      What followed was an inspired tale of how one group, outnumbered, out-funded and with their message being entirely drowned out by the opposition, got the community (and in truth, the country and the world!) talking again. They found a way to change the conversation.
      Its a talent that I think more of us need to embrace in our lives: finding a way to peacefully, intelligently switch ships mid-stream and focus on the core of issue. We tend to get bogged down by the peripheral details, things we have no control over and cannot change, rather than focus on the true matters of the day. In the case of this video, the community found itself being swarmed by gnats buzzing about taxes, taxes, taxes. The library found a way to get them to ignore the bugs and focus on the delightful smörgåsbord that had attracted all those insects.
      Anyway, if you have a couple of minutes, click below to watch the video. I promise, whether you agree with the tactic or think it heinous, whether you’d vote yes or no on the topic at hand, you’ll have to admit that it was a clever way of changing the conversation.
      What a freakin’ great word. Thank you Sweden!

Love & Rainbows,

Burn it down – kidz can learned stuff on there oan.

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  1. Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann could really bring the crazy to the world if they were running things. Maybe they could entertain us with more corn dog pictures.

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