Feng Shui

Feng Shui

      I’m considering doing a little redecorating here at PP.net.
      The lovely layout that is presently in use is just a common, non-customized theme from the WordPress defaults. Its pretty clean and whatnot, but it doesn’t really scream Penelope Price or Incandescence to me. Heck, it doesn’t even murmur “this is a writer’s blog” or the like. Its generic, and though it features a lovely dark rainbow background there is really nothing “me” about the layout.
      So I’m considering shaking things up.
      This provides a problem for several reasons.

  • No Money
  • Little Time
  • Vague Graphic Design Talent
  • Out-of-Date Coding Skills
  • Archaic Editing Suite
  • Pickiness that Precludes Working Well with Others

      I used to run a personal blog and I was always dressing up the domain with bits of code and artwork-tricks I had picked up around the interwebs. I changed the landing page less frequently (one-to-four times a year) and the blog itself every other month or so. I am afraid to start fiddling with the aesthetics of PP.net because – God knows – I will never be satisfied. I will start trolling the interwebs for artwork and photographs and then start burning the midnight hours trying to re-learn my former skills at Paint Shop Pro to make them look pretty and at HTML/CSS coding to get the layout just right. I will have to learn the coding behind Word Press so I can edit the layout to work with the Word Press engine. I will- oh my gosh, I’m giddy and terrified just THINKING of having a new task to take on.
      After all, I am still not done with Draft Two of Incandescence, nor am I done with Draft One of Inferno and I am already fighting off like, four new story ideas…
      Someone save me.
      Still, I think the layout does matter and I won’t be happy sticking with this generic one forever. If I don’t start now… I’ll have to start eventually… right?

Love & Rainbows,

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