Hot like Fire

Hot like Fire

      Aaaaaaand we’re off!
      Camp NaNoWriMo officially began today, June 1st, and with it, I put the first words to page on “Inferno”, the sequel to my WIP “Incandescence”. The chapter I began with is not chronologically the first one in the outline (which is still incomplete…oy vey, too many irons in the fire!) but I could not wait to get back into OLDLADYNAME’s head again and find out what has happened in the interim.
      Er… yeah. I was waiting for her to tell me.
      I started with her because she is not (generally) in the middle of the action. She’s on the periphry, sharing her knowledge and experience, relating things about the world and plot that other characters (especially those who ARE directly in the fray) cannot. And she spends a lot of time thinking or telling stories rather than being out there, doing the deeds, so maybe readers would think to skip her POV chapters. I don’t know.
      But I love them. I love writing them, I love re-reading them, I love her. I love discovering things she knows that I did not even realize she knew until it came out on the page. OLDLADYNAME is an enigma cocooned in a conundrum swathed in perplexity wrapped in bacon (because everything is better with bacon). She’s such a strange little old thing with such a big heart, this iron-clad faith, and great anecdotes about peeing the woods.
      I know, I know. I’m babbling.
      I’m just very excited to be (temporarily) back to composing rather than editing. I’ve really been struggling with some stuff in “Incandescence” – though mostly its just insecurity – and I’m ready to lay it aside for a few days so I can really concentrate on “Inferno”.
      So. Show of hands – who out there is participating in Camp NaNo this year? I’m hoping to do both June and August, myself! I love the challenge and daily impetus to JUST WRITE that comes from NaNo. What’s your favorite part of NaNo?

Love & Rainbows,

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