Snippet Sunday: [redacted]

Snippet Sunday: [redacted]

      Today’s excerpt comes from … uh…. *ahem**
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      Well, I had hoped to have Part Two of “Pirate Booty: The Legend of Mim” ready for you all today, but alas… I missed my own deadline. Sometimes, a girl just bites off a little more than she can chew and this week (what, with Camp NaNoWriMo beginning, finishing the editing of “Incandescence” and starting “Inferno”, plus work, home life, it being a gaming week, and a multitude of other things popping into my brain) was one of those weeks.
      That said, I am off to sprint my way through the opening chapters of “Inferno” this afternoon. I promise to have a new Snippet for you all next Sunday — and a music-themed guest post for the VBT in the next few days!
      Until then, just keep swimming.
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      What would you like to see next week on Snippet Sunday? More “PB: TLoM”? Something from the first draft of “Inferno”? Something new from “Incandescence”? Something else entirely? Comments, questions, suggestions appreciated – let me hear about it below!

Love & Rainbows,

[PPNote: Oh, by the by, you can catch my post “More Than Words” at Natalie Star’s blog this week! I’m so honored to be hosted by her!]

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