Tuesday’s Tunes: Free Write

Tuesday's Tunes: Free Write

      A disclaimer. Some of the songs posted will have naughty language. Some will be terrible in your opinion. Some will be terrible in my opinion. Watch the linked video(s) at your own risk.
      That said, if you have ever wondered what sort of songs are punctuating scenes in my head, come back every Tuesday to find out.

      Today – rather than a post about the music I like or listen to while writing, I think I will issue you a challenge CHALLENGE CHALLENGE! How about that? Hah!
      You see, one of my favorite things to do when I’m just in between projects, or bored, or frustrated with a current piece, or feeling like I’m in a creative slump, or hungry, or whatever-else-I-might-be is to FreeWrite.
      My definition of free writing is quite possibly different from your own, or others you might find around the interwebs. To me, it is simply an opportunity to choose a topic, a sentence, a word, a phrase, an object, a character, a song, an anything and just… write. Write for 10 minutes straight or 2 minutes or an hour. Write until you’re done or your hand cramps. Just write.
      You’d think I didn’t like rules, with all these open-ended ‘guidelines’, but that isn’t true.
      Anyway – for today’s challenge (and to relate it back to music) I challenge you to pick a song randomly (or specifically) from your playlist and close your eyes. Listen to it once and really experience it – the lyrics, the melody, the highs and lows, the intricacies of the background instruments. And then play it again and just… write. See what comes out.
      Maybe you see an image or maybe its just a feeling, maybe you write about how much you hate this challenge or how you never noticed the tambourine in the ensemble before. Usually, I get end up with a phrase that sparks a short ‘flash fiction’ sort of thing and I’m off to the races.
      In fact, I think that’s exactly how I will spend my lunch hour today.
      If you take up my challenge – post a link to your free write in the comments below. I would LOVE to see what you all come up with!

Love & Rainbows,

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