Faux Real!

Faux Real!

      As those of you who have “Liked” me on Facebook know – I recently acquired five shiny copies of “Debut Novel” by Penelope Price. Big, thick, glossy paperbacks filled with about six hundred pages of unedited awesome.
      It can still qualify as awesome pre-edits, right?
      I like to think so. If you’ve followed the FB page or this blog, you may be aware that I have not always been 100% in love with the novel. I have had moments of doubt, hours of loathing, days of lukewarm affection and a few bright twinkles of inexplicable pride-filled unfathomably random LOVE.
      Mostly, its been – “meh”.
      Look, I know I am a good writer (or was). I rarely have doubts about my own abilities, yet my faith in this story and the way I had chosen to tell it definitely wavered. I really had to force myself to take a step away from my preferred genre (much more traditional fantasy) and take a journey to the modern-day. It did not come easily and I really struggled with whether to bother finishing, whether the characters that I had encountered and come to love really came through on the page.
      Then a funny thing happened. The novel that I began in November for NaNoWriMo and completed in March thanks to my sprinting friends – was a real physical book in my hand. And as I read it… I found that I liked it. I laughed with the characters and kept turning the pages and before I knew it, I was 250 pages in to the nearly 600 page book.
      It is sort of like, a miracle.
      To find that, in the first REAL re-reading, I actually like my own book. Given my previously lukewarm feelings about it… I know, I’m just blathering. And maybe no one else – ever – will love the book but the fact is — I do!

Love & Rainbows,

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