At last! I’ve found my groove with editing and I am cranking out the changes/fixes/tweaks like no body’s business. Its a wonderful feeling and as much as I occasionally loathe editing, seeing how just a few changes can make an enormous difference makes my heart thrill.
      Can a heart thrill?
      The point is that I am working again, and working it hard. Now what, you might ask, has motivated me at last? Sent me into fits of productivity that after months of stalling?
      An open submission invitation from a major publisher. They’re calling for fantasy and sci-fi from unknown writers, accepting non-agented people, and all that jazz. This is just too good an opportunity to miss, so I must finish this last sweep of the novel ASAP! Like, within two weeks.
      While also packing and moving.
      And planning a wedding.
      And preparing for NaNoWriMo.
      And working full-time.
      Not to mention two challenges I’m participating in (a 30 Day challenge to Deal with, Dump or Donate things I’ve been putting off and a 21 day eating-right/living-right challenge). And blogging. And gaming. And life…
      But I can do it. I just have to really tweak my time management skills. So I’m really cramming editing in between calls at work, before work starts, after it ends, when I wake up in the middle of the night… if I’m breathing, I’m editing.
      At least until this is done. Then… maybe a breath to finish planning Inferno and right back to typing til my fingers fall off.

Love & Rainbows,

P.S. Man, I need bacon.

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