On this day, a momentous occasion for yours truly, I will submit “Incandescence” for consideration by a major imprint. I will send my precious, precocious little brain-baby out in the world to fend for herself.
      Please pray with me that she does not return trampled and trod upon, mangled and mutilated, hated and scorned.
      Poor little “Incandescence”, it seems just yesterday that I had a strange spark of inspiration which was totally out of my wheelhouse (Modern-Day fantasy? Wuh ta fuuuh?) but which snared my mind and would not let me go until I completed it.
      Now here you are, polished and primped and ready to go out into the big, bad, scary world to be criticised and judged and- and- *SOB*
      If I’m this sappy emotional about a bloody novel, I am going to be a WRECK when I have a real child growing-up before my eyes.

      Wish me luck, guys!

Love & Rainbows,

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