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Wrinkled Papaya is Not a Euphemism.

Wrinkled Papaya is Not a Euphemism.

      Last night, on the once-in-a-millenia date of 10/11/12, I submitted “Incandescence” to Harper-Voyager for consideration. Now, I’m not holding my breath (though I am totally praying my butt off) but it felt amazingly horrible and exhilarating to click that “Submit” button. I posted a milestone on my Facebook page and received the confirmation email shortly thereafter.
      So the deed is done, man.
      In the past few days, I added several vignettes to the story that I had not gotten around to writing for the first draft. They are gruesome. They are… just- wow. One deals with isolation, betrayal, and starvation. Another, with a child’s perspective of the horrors in the world (er… the ancient evil rising to the surface, not just mundane horrors). A third features a rebellious girl who dies screaming and a fourth shares a story eluded to by Alexander in another chapter.
      Overall, I am pleased with how they turned out, but I could change things, certainly.
      Plus, less than an hour after I hit submit, my dear sweet mother started reading the novel and found a typo in the prologue. Tend instead of Tent. How did I miss that when I read it outloud to myself?
      C’est la vie.
      The important thing, as my friend Ray and I were discussing, is that we took the plunge, we took a risk, took a chance… we did it.
      What to take away from this post?

  1. My mother, who has never been much of a reader, is reading “Incandescence”.
  2. “Incandescence” has been submitted to a genuine publisher for consideration.
  3. Today I opened a (mostly) blank project in Scrivener to get ready for NaNoWriMo.
  4. The last four chapters I wrote for “Incandescence” are bloody and gruesome.
  5. Wrinkled Papaya is not a euphemism. (But it totally should be!)

      And that my friends, is all for this morning. It’s Friday and it is time to work. Boo-hiss.

Love & Rainbows,