Daily Archives: October 19, 2012

Chomped it Good.

Chomped it Good.

      What do you fear?
      Spiders or clowns? Falling or tight spaces? Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies? Dying? Living?
      Whatever it is you fear, does it prevent you from really experiencing life? From doing what you love? From being who you are meant to be?
      Maybe, maybe not.
      Fear is a powerful thing. Right? I mean – its FEAR.
      But successful people don’t let it hold them back. I don’t necessarily mean fiscally successful, but people who have broad interests, help others, fulfilling lives, and who are successful as people.
      October is a month in which a lot of people talk about scary things, about fear, about terror and horror and all those Halloween-y topics. I’m not sure I’ve got anything particularly helpful to contribute about facing your fears, or related topics. That said – I can talk about my own fears and be pretty open about my personal demons and flaws.
      Here’s a top five list of things that scare me:

  • Snakes: Don’t like ’em. Fascinated by ’em. Have horrible recurring nightmares about them. Ick.
  • Heights: Okay, to be honest, its more the falling and painy-splatness that scares me.
  • Dying: Despite a strong faith, I am a total hypochondriac and every twinge or cough automatically means I’m dying. Not ready yet. AAH!
  • Losing All My Weight & Still Not Being ‘Pretty’: Oh, come on. This is legitimate and close to my heart. I have a tremendous fear of doing all that work and ending up saggy and gross. I’m cute as is. But my health decrees the tub must be lost… so yeah.
  • Failure: Rather, confirmation of suspected suckage. Or of putting myself out there are being rejected as ‘not good enough’. Failure of many kinds. Of not living up to standards. Of disappointing people and myself. Failure.

      So, there’s that.
      And being aware of your fears means you can confront them. Which means you can conquer them. Which means you do not have to be ruled by fear! I sure as hell don’t want to be diminished by the things that freak me out.
      In the year of Tangerine Tango, I have conquered my fear of letting others read my work. Maybe, not entirely. I mean, I still get nervous and feel uncertain, anxious… but I do it. The bullet has been bitten. Chomped it good.
      I have not conquered number four, but I will do.
      And number five.
      Do you ever get past that? Is submitting the novel to Harper-Voyager enough to say I’ve passed it by? Is deciding to self-pub, enough?
      No matter what, I’ll keep plugging away. Improving myself and making strides toward being a successful person. A person worth knowing and worth the love and support of the people who care about me.
      That, my friends, is all I’ve got to say on ‘fear’.

Love & Rainbows,