Progress Report

Progress Report

      Oh please, dear friends, please forgive me!
      I never meant to be such a busy blogger that I fail to blog for days (or weeks!) on end. Its just that real life has become incredibly hectic these past weeks.
      Jack and I moved at the end of September, which as you can imagine, was a trial of epic proportions. Especially as we had to do it ourselves (well, the moving OUT anyway. The moving in did have help).
      Anyway, here’s a quick progress report.
      “Incandescence” is within 20,000 words of completion. Which is excellent, because I will be submitting it for consideration on October the 10th. That means I have four days to finish editing those 20k words, rewrite three chapters from scratch (and then edit them), complete my query letter, and revise my synopsis.
      Why yes, I am insane.
      Maybe I’ll give myself until the 11th…
      As long as its there before the 14th, I think I’m good. But the 10th is my goal.
      And with that, I better get back to work. There are so few hours in the day!

Love & Rainbows,

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