Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013.
      I begin 2013 with a new project, a new title, a new family, and a renewed sense of purpose. I have new goals, new plans, and new stuff to learn. I am excited.
      Lots of my fellow writers are pledging to blog each day, but I’m not the type to do that. I just find that I’m better at writing then writing about writing. That does not mean I won’t be updating at all, but I’m going to stick to a two (or three!) posts a week schedule that gives me wiggle room. I’d rather have less in quantity but more in quality (or interestingness, anyway). If I tried to blog daily, I’d end up wasting 500 words a day about my breakfast. And since this isn’t a diet/primal/food blog – there’s no need for that.
      Most importantly, I am starting 2013 as a newly minted wife. Despite some hi-jinx, last night Jack made an honest woman of me. So even though I won’t be changing my pen name to Penelope Morgan, I am Mrs. Morgan in spirit.
      Signing off with a pledge to keep you all updated but not inundated.

Love & Rainbows for the year of Emerald (at least according to the Pantone people),

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