Summer Plans, 2013

Summer Plans, 2013

      So, its nearly Mother’s Day, which to me always signifies that Summer is on its way. I can hardly believe that 2013 is almost half-way over and I have not gotten anything (new) ready to publish this year.
      That’s right, this P.P. is a SLACKER.
      I’ve been writing, there’s no denying that. But I haven’t been finishing. What’s that line? ABC – Always Be Closing! And so I should be. I’ve got no fewer than a dozen projects brewing and I continually fail to finish them. I need to get my rear back in gear!
      I need a kick in the pants!
      I had friend lined up as accountability/cheerleader/whatever… but he dropped out after the first week and though I’ve been good about blogging (not here, *cough*) I haven’t been AS good as I ought.
      That’s gotta change.
      Taking suggestions… how do I get myself more motivated to FINISH all these things I’ve started?
      Tee-hee. First thing first, a new office chair because my hiney hates this one.
      Then: Complete Inferno. Get a cover done for Incandescence & Inferno. Plot & write “3”. Additional materials. Publish.
      Then: Going Home.
      Then: Rudabet. Light of Lun.
      Then, in 2014: Madaya, at last. YESSSSS!

Love & Rainbows,

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  1. Oi, Earth Girl! Did you have a good birthday?

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