Disco Inferno

Disco Inferno

      At last, weeks of procrastination have finally come to an end.
      I’m officially back to work on “Inferno”. For better or worse, I’m going to finish this modern-day mageborn story and move on to something else. I cannot keep splitting my focus like this – I end up getting nothing done (unless you count many hours wasted on Facebook, playing Draw Something! on my phone, or watching entire seasons of TV shows on Netflix in binge sessions… which I do not).
      I did not update the word count in the right-hand column because I have removed more than I’ve added in the past few hours, but still – progress!
      I’ve run into a few continuity problems – nothing major, but it is slightly annoying that I did not catch them in the first draft.

((ARGH! The remaining 500 words of this post was lost in a connection issue – my host is experiencing all sorts of trouble today. Darn it… I’m not rewriting it, but suffice it to say: Jack is starting a new project we’re excited about, Camp NaNo in July is going to be fun, and Inferno is well on its way.))

Love & Rainbows,

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