I am a world-class procrastinator.
      Yeah, I know, *GASP*
      But honestly, between Facebook and DVR and Netflix… I’m so easily distracted by it all. Write for a few minutes – notice flashing “Soandso messaged you…” in the Chrome tab. Alt-Tab back to browser. Chat with Soandso for a few minutes. Back to writing. Oh wait – its too quiet in here. Turn on the new episode of Chopped (or what have you) as background noise. End up watching most of it. *sigh*
      But the shinies are not the only things that distract me, no. My attention also gets captured by intangibles. Lately, all this waiting for news on “Inferno” has me beside myself with anxiety. I want to both FINISH “Inferno” immediately, just in case, or not touch it in case they have notes for it. I am also stressed about money and school and an up-coming summer move (which requires a lot of money at a time when we have none) and so all I can think about is all the potentially immediately lucrative smut I should be publishing just to pay the bills.
      And so I end up in a tizzy, vacillating back and forth, and don’t end up writing much of anything at all.
      Which brings me to today. I have such beautiful intentions of writing today, but already I’m distracted by Facebook (which I closed!) and DVR (Longmire, which is almost over!) and Jack (with whom I’m collaborating).
      I think I need to really start zeroing out everything that’s not conducive to writing. Imposing a 15-minute limit on my Facebook adventures. Imposing a “TV-only-during work hours” rule. And forcing myself to waste less time every day.
      Its hard.
      Its necessary.
      I’ve got a billion stories to write and only a finite time on this Earth.
      Damn it, Penelope! As Nike used to say, JUST DO IT!

Love & Rainbows,

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