State of the Author

State of the Author

      Welcome to the 1st quad-annual “State of the Author” post.
      Four times a year – quarterly, that is – I’m planning to give an update on the things I’m reading, loving, eating, writing, hating… you know, whatever floats my boat.
      Right now, Summer 2013 is on the horizon and I have SO many things going on; aside from trying to learn to be a runner, finishing Inferno, blogging, training a puppy, and being a working wife – Jack & I are trying to head back to school this summer or fall to increase our non-writing earning potential.
      AH! Stress!
      Onto the real stuff:

Currently, I:

Am Reading: “Incandescence”, by me. For editing purposes. I just finished “Her Demonic Majesty”, by Cassidy Frazee. I quite fantastically loved it – some of the language was over-the-top for my preferences, but the action and the characters and the amazing world-building just sucked me in! Next, I’m thinking about going back and re-reading some of my life-long favorite fantasy books (soon as I retrieve them from storage) this summer. Just for inspiration. I want to get back to traditional fantasy.

Am Watching: …bad horror movies on Netflix. Chopped, when its new. But its summer time and all the full-season sets of the 2012-13 shows will be out soon… so I expect I shall lose many hours catching up on shows I like, but don’t bother to DVR.

Am Listening To: A lot of retro rock. Jack has been choosing the playlist a lot lately and his favorites include AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Journey… and some old school 80s hairbands, bad-ass metal soundtracks for gaming.

Am Eating: Clean, whole foods. Organic chicken sausage (a lot… its easy and quick). Eggs and onions and mushrooms. Coconut oil. Its a primarily paleo world here at PP & Jack’s abode. Even our dog eats grain-free. There is a lot of summer produce out there and I aim to try as much of it as possible this year. I think we’re even going to try CANNING this year – if we get a chance.

Am Drinking: Water. A lot of water. I miss my flavored ‘diet’ teas, but alas… aspartame is the devil. Also, the only soda we are doing is a “fuzzy cola” on gaming Saturday (its frozen cola – like a Slurpee, I guess).

Am Secretly Loving: Ah, the guilty-pleasure. Cheese and sour cream. That has been the hardest thing to cut back on… I looooove me some cheese. And sour cream. And potatoes. But actually, I think the guiltiest pleasure is MAGNUM Gold Bars. Have you tried them? Do you love them? Oh dear LORD… I do.

Love the Color: Tangerine. No surprises here. I am also enjoying (possibly for the first time in my life) eye-searingly neon pinks on my nails and toes. And if the neon isn’t available, I also like Zoya Yana. Yum!

Am Lusting After: Financial aid and opportunity. Ugh.

Am Needing: A big hug from my Mom!

Am Waiting: To hear back from Harper-Voyager! ACK! Its been like nine months!

Am Hating: A lot of the slang doing the rounds on the interwebs/memes… “All the feels!” or “Right in the feels!” bugs me for some reason. Totes and Adorbs and other shortened terms. Basically, I am getting old and crotchety.

      I guess, for now, that’s about it. I am a busy girl with a ton of stuff going on and to be perfectly honest, I don’t want to deal with most of it. I just want to write.
      But since bills gotta be paid… on we go!

Love & Rainbows,

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  1. Go with the pinks–I love them!

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