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The More You Know…

The More You Know...

      Did you know…

  • …a castrated (male) pig is called a Barrow?
  • …a tumulus (or tumuli) is a mound of earth or stone raised over a grave?
  • …juvenile turtles are generally quite carnivorous as protein is essential to their development?
  • …there is a section of the Gobi called the Nemegt Formation and it is a vast trove of fossils?
  • …there is a group of sauropod dinosaurs named “Titanosaur” after the Greek Titans. Because they’re, like, big. BIG.

      Ah, the things you learn while randomly researching things. It all started with a burial scene, which led to my looking up how deep, historically, graves were dug. That lead to cairns and barrows, which lead to tumuli, and then – how random is this? – to turtles, the Nemegt Formation, and various dinosaurs I’ve never heard about but now TOTALLY WANT TO READ ABOUT! *ahem*
      Research is awesome.
      The internet, no matter how I may curse its distracting properties (Facebook, Tumblr, IMDB, Wikipediae, I am looking at you), is freaking amazing.
      Sometimes I think our Grandparents’ heads would explode if they had access to all this?
      I wanted to write more, but Jack just turned the fan off me and toward the bed (that dirty bastard) so alas, I’m taking my hot, steamy butt to bed.

Love & Rainbows,