Busy Days

Busy Days

      Why is it, that when I finally make a firm writing goal and really set out to kick its bony ass, suddenly my boring, mundane, plan-having-less life gets super crazy? UGH!
      I’m sitting at about 2400 words so far. Which for the end of Day Three during a 50k NaNo, is bad. But for a 25k NaNo, its not awful. Not great, but not awful.
      Anyway – I wanted to check in daily and thus I have…
      Now technically, I have 50~ minutes to keep writing, but I have phone calls to make, plane tickets to buy, sleep to get… *sigh*
      Tomorrow will be better. Work will be slower (I fervently hope) and there will be less running around to do beforehand.

Love & Rainbows,

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