Family Day!

Family Day!

      I have not written a single word today.
      But we have a lovely day in the hot sun with Jack’s Dad, stepmom, aunts, cousin, cousin’s husband, cousin’s husband’s brother (also, Jack’s BFF), their sister & mom, a couple of random friends of cousin & husband…
      Its still early (ish) and Jack has some studying to get done, so I have time. Whee!
      Oh, hey! I was clicking through some FB stuff and saw this:


      I imagine that could almost be Hannah – if only her hair was a little shorter and darker. But still – watching that on-coming storm, her hair whipping in the wind… Yeah. I dug it. I could not find the official artist, but I did a Google Image search and I believe its from a forthcoming movie with Jessica Chastain.

Love & Rainbows,

//Edit: 11:53 – I made it with a dozen or so words to spare. Whee!\\

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