Fireworks & Sparklers!

Fireworks & Sparklers!

      Happy Birthday, America!
      Happy-finally-got-caught-up-to-goal Penelope!
      Yeah, it was a long, frustrating night at work… got stuck doing busy work to clean up after lazy co-workers who have utterly failed to do their own digital housekeeping for ohhh… about three years. There are still about 1900 tasks to resolve.
      But this blog is a short & sweet ode to finally sneaking in my word count. Day Four of Camp and I’m on pace to finish a whole day early! Whee! Which would be nice, except I really need to be about 11 days ahead of pace because I’ll be flying to the West Coast and then driving back to the East Coast – by way of Las Vegas and since I’ll be behind the wheel, there will be little time for writing.
      I’ll plot in my head.
      Or something.
      But yeah – most of the second half of the month will be eaten up by the “move”. Thus, I need to work hard this weekend to really push ahead. I want desperately to finish “Inferno” so I can get away from the series for a bit. Get back to some more fantastical fantasy. Whip out some wars and political maneuverings.
      Which is not to say I don’t love the book – its just that I’ve been mired in it for SO long, procrastinating thanks to H-V being so (wonderful!) slow… I’m ready for a change. And the only writing that has really fired me up lately has been the stuff I’ve done for our bi-weekly gaming sessions!
      At any rate, its just about bed time here.
      Tomorrow is another day.

Love & Rainbows,

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