Frantic Friday the Fifth!

Frantic Friday the Fifth!

      Friday the Fifth of July was, as today’s title announces – frantic.
      I’m not sure why. Slept in, I guess, unintentionally, and then work and before I knew it – it was 11:50 and I was racing to post a post to keep up with my everyday-during-Camp updates.
      I wrote about 1400 words today – which puts me back on track for my 25k goal. I know, I know, 25k isn’t much for someone who has done closer to 80k during November, but right now I’m struggling between Jack and work and preparing for the move (plus, DOING the move)… so 25k seems attainable.
      I’m cool with that.
      Today I’m on track.
      Tomorrow we have a picnic with Jack’s family and who knows how that’ll go. Hope I don’t oversleep again. *sigh*

Love & Rainbows,

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