Mosquito Netting

Mosquito Netting

      Oh man! The humidity here at Camp is already killing me and there are so many bugs-
      Er… wait, my imagination is running away with me. But today is July 1st and thus, the beginning of July’s Camp NaNoWriMo. Its a virtual cabin-in-the-woods in which a whole slew of crazy would-be and already-are writers take on the famed November challenge (to write a novel in 30 days) in the dog days of summer.
      We’re all insane.
      But that’s OKAY! Camp is more relaxed than November – you can set your word goal down and spend more time at the lake if need be – but it is still a wonderful ‘tool’ for writers like me, who seem to work best under specific ‘goals’ or time constraints.
      This year, Jack and I are both attempting it and he’s actually signed up for a cabin on the CampNaNo page and interacted a bit with the ladies we’re bunking with. He’s also going back to school so, he’ll be a busy boy this July.
      My secondary goal, is to update the blog here each day in July (though likely not from July 14-22 as I’ll be travelling and probably away from a computer) with my progress – though, as long as I’m writing, if I forget to splash it here I won’t stress too much about it.
      Now, Day One blog is complete, but guess what? Day One writing is not… so I’m off to my bunk to apply pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, in this case) and write, write, write!
      Wish me luck!
      And someone send me some sunblock SPF +1000, I’m fair and its sunny and I’m DYING out here!

Love & Rainbows,

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