Snippet Sunday: Geese Genocide

Snippet Sunday: Geese Genocide

      Wow – it has been AGES since our last Snippet Sunday. Yikes!
      This week, the excerpt is a scene from “Inferno”. It is a first draft and it is insane. A bit… Poor Alexander… So without first ado…

– – – – – – – – – – –
      Maybe there was a little barbarian in everyone, certainly he had seen atrocities since the Fall; things other people probably knew for certain that they were not capable of either.
      But not me. It shouldn’t have happened to me. I’m better than them, those fucking weakling peasants.
      And now he would have to find a new prize for his harem. A replacement for the ginger witch whose love he would never earn and whose power he was loathe to test again. But not today. Because today was the first ever ‘Empire Day’ and Isaac had plans for it.
      “Well the fat bastard is welcome to ‘em. I’m not sticking around to watch them all lick his arse.”
      Alexander supposed the area had been pretty enough, before. He hovered above the shore, watching out over the water, pensively. It was technically the Pacific, but it was not like it was in the movies, with golden sand, palm trees, and bikinis as far as they eye could see. But, it was nice. Tall, lush evergreens, open fields (which, admittedly, would need a lot of work to be farmable come spring, but which would probably benefit from all the loamy mud), rocky beaches with kelp and driftwood.
      Winds swept around him, whipping his hair about his face as he soared south. Miles flew past in a blur and he rejoiced in the surge of energy pulsating within each vein and vessel in his body. The birds were confused, their polar navigation all kinds of screwed up thanks to the blast in the east and the smaller eruption down at Rainier. He nearly collided with a flock of geese, honking bitchily at him when his flight path disrupted their perfect V formation.
      “Noisy, filthy bastards,” he said to himself, casting a glance of his shoulder at the birds. “Good thing you’re so fucking tasty, or I’d make it my personal business to eradicate the whole lot of you.”
      Geese genocide. Spectacular. But dear old Mum would never forgive me if she had to ever forgo her precious Christmas goose.
      Then again, he decided, even if she had survived this collapse of civilization — and who knew what was going on in Britain — chances are there would not be many Christmases left for anyone. Not if Isaac had his druthers. Empire Day? What a fucking joke.
      He was well and truly into a mental tirade when he realized he had stopped moving. Puzzled, he furrowed his brow and focused his energies to push himself forward. Alexander did not budge.
      “What the bloody…” he said, murmuring to himself. Casting a quick look about the vicinity, Alexander could see nothing or no one to be blocking his momentum. Anger burbled up within him, hastily replacing the minor panic which had begun to rise in his belly. Backward? No. Up? No. Down? Shit! Concentration lost, Alexander tumbled toward the ground in a whirl of flailing limbs. He landed with a hideous squelching crunch, his teeth snapping shut on his tongue. His mouth filled with the metallic tang of blood and as the abyss swallowed him, Alexander wondered if anyone would even notice he was gone.
– – – – – – – – – – –
      And that’s it for today’s snippet. What did you think? Comments, questions, suggestions appreciated – let me hear about it below!

Love & Rainbows,

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