State of the Author II

State of the Author II

      Welcome to the 2nd episode of the quad-annual “State of the Author” post.
      Four times a year – quarterly, that is – I’m planning to give an update on the things I’m reading, loving, eating, writing, hating… you know, whatever floats my boat.
      Fall 2013 is just about to start and it is going to be a DOOZY. I am still working on completing “Inferno”, but I have to admit I am BEHIND… No excuses, just, admission of fact.
      Jack & I are working on a collective piece in the spare moments between my job and his school and the puppy and our social lives… *sigh*
      I was not able to start at university this semester, so… there’s that.
      Anyway… Onto the real stuff:

Currently, I:

Am Reading: Archie Comics. No really. I always loved them as a kid and I recently found my stash of probably 100+ Double Digests from the late 80s through 2002. I learned a lot of words from Archie Comics in my youth! Plus, they’re wholesome and silly and… ugh, I don’t understand why those two girls still (after 60 years!) lust after that ginger tornado of trouble. I don’t understand why the writers still think its ‘cute’ or whatever… but then again, how much can the story evolve without losing its (albeit archaic) charm? As it is, I read online that Archie eventually gives up on both Betty & Veronica and marries Valerie Brown, from The Pussycats. At least, in some part of the canon.

Am Watching: Netflix, as usual. Just watched “Orange is the New Black” and am in “House of Cards”. We finished “Hemlock Grove” and well, yeah. The Netflix is pretty much on in the background all the time.

Am Listening To: um… Netflix? Megan Tonjes, of course, every time she puts out something new I have to check it out. But mostly, Netflix for ‘noise’ and no music to speak of… Sadness.

Am Eating: Not as clean as I’d like. Been on the broke-food wagon for a bit – but hopefully we’ll be back on track shortly. When money issues abide.

Am Drinking: Water. A lot of water. And ice – if that counts.

Am Secretly Loving: Lately, my secret pleasure is sliced cucumbers with homemade sour cream ranch dip. Mmmm!

Love the Color: Well, my favorite is still Tangerine, of course. But lately, I’ve had a yen for things in shades of Raspberry and Plum and Lime.

Am Lusting After: Security.

Am Needing: Mom-hugs!

Am Waiting: For a real vacation… next year, maybe.

Am Hating: Bugs. Fucking bugs… everywhere. UGH!

      I guess, for now, that’s about it. State of the Author, II

Love & Rainbows,

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