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Pride & Pensiveness

Pride & Pensiveness

      Today marks the 1000th post my dear friend, Cassidy, has made on her blog – Wide Awake, but Dreaming. One full freaking thousand. Amazeballs!
      She is an inspiration to me in many ways, but the most important way is that she is a writer. She writes.
      Every day, come hell or high water, she posts a blog entry of some 500 to 1000 words. On top of that, she writes on her novel every single day. Every single day.
      I consider myself a writer. I write every day – but I am not as disciplined as she is and I strive to be more like her.
      My pride in my writing dwindles and rises in cycles. I write my personal blog every other day, I write 1000 words pretty much every day. But I haven’t finished a novel in over a year. And that’s because I “waste” (not really, but sort of) my writing time on things that aren’t really my novel.
      Anyway – while I spend the day mulling over my progress on “Inferno” and some other stuff, go read her reflections on her Millennium!
Love & Rainbows,


      Happy New Year!
      I’d like to say I have just been so busy writing that I could not spare the time to update, but alas – I’ve been spending too much time gaming (and writing about it) and too little time writing.
      That said, I’ve got a couple of fresh projects on the horizon – just as soon as I complete Inferno.
      Yes, yes, I know.
      I vowed (a hundred times) it would be done by now.
      I’ve got got so many other writing projects on my plate. EEK!
      I’ll update again (for real) soon.
      And weekly.

Love & Rainbows,