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Review: Her Demonic Majesty, by Cassidy Frazee

Review: Her Demonic Majesty, by Cassidy Frazee

      Ah, my first book review on
      This isn’t because I don’t read – I just rarely manage to put my thoughts about that which I do read together in a cohesive manner. Yeah, okay, I admit it – I’m just lazy. But I’m also hyper-critical and unless I love, love, love a book, I tend to pick it apart in my mind.
      Good for construction of my own stories, bad for … everything and everyone else.
      I’m pleased to say that Her Demonic Majesty, by Cassidy Frazee is a book that I really enjoyed, that I totally recommend, and that I hope you click on any of the links above to purchase (Note: Not affiliate links!).
      Here’s the review, as posted on I will elaborate below:

      I picked up “Her Demonic Majesty” by Cassidy Frazee, absolutely sure that it was not for me and that I would probably not enjoy it.

      I am thrilled to have been proven wrong, wrong wrong.

      From the first chapter through to the coda, Ms. Frazee’s characters come to vivid life on the page in a really brilliantly re-imagined alternative Chicago. Jeanette is more than a fish-out-of-water – she’s a fish-in-a-TARDIS, thrust into a totally alien (but kick-ass!) new situation. The story thrums with action, but the pace is such that it allows for character development, sufficient backstory, and like I said, great world-building.

      I don’t know if she has any further novels planned with Jeannette and the other ladies, but if she does, I’ll be right here waiting. Its a modern-day, urban, fantastical romp complete with magic and mayhem, a demoness, a vampire, political red-tape and a slew of memorable moments.

      So, despite the leanings of “Incandescence” (which is frankly more “rural” than “urban” fantasy, haha!) I’m not really into the whole urban fantasy scene. I’ve dabbled. I’ve liked some pieces and disliked other bits, but as a whole, I’m not a super-fan. This book makes me wonder what else I’m missing in the genre. The re-imagined landscape of Chicago is intriguing and retro-rad. The characters all have so much lurking beneath the surface – I honestly hope we get more books about Jeannette and the rest of her crew so we can delve into backstories and motivations and all that junk.
      I do take a little exception to some of the language (I can cuss like a sailor, believe it or not, so its not that I get my panties in a twist over cursing) just because it seemed, at times, excessive. Maybe people talk like that, maybe it all suits. I just found myself occasionally thinking – does she (the character, not the author) not know any other words besides “shit”?
      There are some adult moments, some implied kink, a succubus with an intimate piercing, and a couple well-placed twists that will really leave you wanting more. I just cannot say more without giving it away. Obviously, if you’re offended by a lesbian kiss or hot chicks in leather kicking ass with magic, this book is not for you.
      But, if you’re into that and you have four bucks and a few hours to spare – pick up “Her Demonic Majesty”. Do it! Penelope Price demands it! MUAHAHA! *cough* No really, you totally should.
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