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VBT: Angels Unaware

VBT: Angels Unaware

      Welcome back, peeps! Welcome to Week Six of the Tasha Turner Coaching/MasterKoda VBT!
      This week’s scheduled guest is the self-proclaimed Geek Warrior Princess, the Lioness of MasterKoda, a sci-fi diva and the author of the forthcoming novel “The Knight Riders” – Amadi Kyymm!
      Its an exciting week here on the VBT and Amadi is here to share an original work of fiction in one of my favorite genres… FLASH.
      What do you mean Flash isn’t a genre? Well, who cares? I love it. I love to write it. I love to read it. And I love to host it here on my blog. So give it up for Amadi!


Angels Unaware

By Amadi Kyymm

      Who would have thought? I’d never believed in angels. I’d never believed in God. But a successive chain of events shook the very foundation of unbelief, and forever changed my life.
      I was a physical education major at New York City’s Hunter Collage. One beautiful Spring morning I was hurrying across East 61st Street and 1st Avenue to get to my Biology class. I was distracted, yakking away on my cellphone and unwittingly stepped into the path of an oncoming New York City Transit attenuated bus. I looked up too late and literally had no means of escape.
      To both my fascination and horror, I was physically snatched up by a pair of strong arms, and placed safely on the sidewalk out of harms way. When I recovered my shattered wits I looked about for my rescuer. There was no one around except passerbys and tourists who were too busy to notice.
      “Are you okay?” a male voice called. It was the uniformed Transit bus driver. He was medium height, of obvious Puerto Rican decent, and had his hair tied back in a neat pony tail. “Raynoso” was the name on his name tag.
      He had pulled his bus over a half a block away. Those tractor trailer length buses were not designed to stop on a dime.
      “I’m just shaken.” was all I could manage to squeak out.
      “Would you like me to call an ambulance?” he asked.
      “I’m fine.” I replied, though shaken to the core.
      “I saw who did it you know.” he continued.
      “Did what?”
      “The one who pulled you back. You may not believe me but it was an angel.” he replied. I took a good look at Raynoso’s neck and noted he wore a gold crucifix.
      “An angel?” I scoffed. “You mean with wings and stuff,”
      “Yeah, a big dude with shining clothes and wings,” he replied.
      “Well, how come I didn’t see him?” I challenged “After all, if this so-called angel was that big, I should’ve seen him too, right?” I continued.
      “It’s because you don’t believe,” he replied. “Listen, I gotta go. I’m already running late.” he said as he shook my hand.
      “Thanks.” I said.
      “No, you should thank God. He wants you to stay alive for some reason.” he said, before turning and sprinting back to his parked bus. Undoubtedly some angry passengers were waiting for him. It didn’t take much to “cheese off” passengers who partook of public transportation in New York City.
      I went home, fired up my computer and Googled “angels”. A plethora of information was available. But the most prominent fact was that “angels were the messengers and servants of God”.
      “What’s so special about me?” I wondered back then.
      Sixty years later, after two nearly fatal car accidents, drug addiction, severe depression, and three failed suicide attempts. . . . . The human body, mind and spirit could only take so much extreme misery, battering, and bashing before it succumbs and reaches out to a Higher Power. I met mine, in Bellvue Hospital’s Psych Ward.
      I’d noted during each trial I’d catch a glimpse of iridescent wings and an outline. Only a brief flash like lightning, just enough to let me know he was there.
      Then I developed lung cancer. When it became terminal, my family placed me in a palliative care home. It’s a nice way of saying they were warehousing me there to die.
      My husband, three daughters and two sons were in the waiting area with my Mom as the doctor discussed the bad news. I only had perhaps an hour or so left to live, if that.
      But, I will not die alone. My Guardian Angel stands here with me.
      “I’ve been with you all along.” he said, by the way of introduction. “I will escort you home.” he continued.
      From that moment on he stood at parade rest at my bedside.
I tried to stay for the sake of my loved ones. To let them see me one last time, but I was in too much pain, far too weary and I couldn’t breathe anymore. So I let go.
      He immediately scooped me up with powerful arms, leaving behind my useless human shell. He flapped his powerful wings and we ascended into the heavens towards an ever growing brightness.
      To my eternal home.

* * * * *

* * * * *

      Do you agree with my interpretation of the photo? If not, what did you see? Give a two sentence opinion on what you did see.
I, Amadi Kyymm am a humble writer. I am also known as “Two Wolves” on my WRPG profiles, but my real name is “Nanci E. Maynard”. I originally started writing fanfiction for my first love: Star Trek, then WRPGs (Written Role Playing Games), and blogging. I’m currently editing my first novel, “The Knight Riders” which I hope to publish very soon. In real life, I am a mild mannered woman, working a not so mild mannered job as a police clerical. I’m a life long New York City resident, and live with my two “fur kids” (cats) Biscuit and Spiral.

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Twitter Handle: @WriterKyymm
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      So, do you see angels in the inspiration image Amadi chose? If not – what do you see? Share your idea (or even flash fiction!) with us in the comments below!

Love & Rainbows,

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