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The Top 12 Reasons for This Crappy Post’s Existence

The Top 12 Reasons for This Crappy Post's Existence

      Today has been one of those days.
      Its only noon-thirty.
      That does NOT bode well for the rest of the day. And yes, I did in fact just use the term ‘noon thirty’ with a straight face. I like it. Don’t judge me!
      So, without any further ado, I present unto you … a list.
      This may well be the first list on Well, the first list-post, anyway. Maybe. I’d have to check. And since I don’t have time to shower, I certainly don’t have time for that kind of research. So.
      Here are the top twelve reasons why I do not have a new post today.

  1. Slept in until 6:07 a.m. Work starts at 7 a.m. You do the math.
  2. Editing Incandescence. Half-way done. Broke the mental block and am kicking its @$$.
  3. Writing posts for the VBT – just to keep up with the schedule.
  4. Work. Usually, the first hour is slow. Today, it was insanity.
  5. Doctor appointments. Jack and I are running medical errands all afternoon.
  6. Camp NaNoWriMo. I am 10k words behind already.
  7. PB: The Legend of Mim. I am 5 days overdue on Installment number two.
  8. Fizzy Water. I’m out of the caffeine-free, sugar-free, carbonated water that keeps me going.
  9. Jogging. Last night I jogged three short sections of our nightly circuit. I’m sore.
  10. Creativity. I don’t gots it.
  11. Proper Grammar. Apparently ^^^ I don’t HAVE it either.
  12. Jack. LoTRO. Facebook. Life. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

Love & Rainbows,