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Writer, Interrupted.

      First off – I apologize for the lack of posts last week. Starting around Wednesday evening, my whole world sort of imploded.
      (I hope.)
      I won’t go into the details – this isn’t that sort of blog – but I can safely say that things are going to remain a little disorganized around here for a bit. I do not have a Tuesday’s Tunes for you this week (yeah, I know, BIG bummer, right?) and although the Sunday Snippet went up without a struggle, I don’t think there’s a prescheduled one for this upcoming week yet – so there may not be one then, either.
      But – fingers crossed – I’m hoping that I will get back to my book and my blog (and my life!) by next week.
      In the meantime – check out the wonderful blogs on my ‘blogroll’ (down and to the right) or re-read the Sunday Snippets and check back next Monday for all new posts and rants and information and snippets and YAY!

Love & Rainbows,

      P.S. Sending ‘Get Well Soon’ wishes to Jack couldn’t hurt. ;D