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Tuesday’s Tunes: RAAAAWR!

      A disclaimer. Some of the songs posted will have naughty language. Some will be terrible in your opinion. Some will be terrible in my opinion. Watch the linked video(s) at your own risk.
      That said, if you have ever wondered what sort of songs are punctuating scenes in my head, come back every Tuesday to find out.

      Yeah, so this morning’s Tunes is not so much artist specific as it is RAAAAWR!
      Because sometimes you have to write a swordfight, or a battle scene, or a bar-room brawl, or a confrontation between a power-maddened 15-year-old girl and her arch-nemesis! Thankfully, for those intense moments, the world has given us such awesomeness as Manowar, Iron Maiden, Savatage, et all (and those are just the 80s ones!).
      Now, my love for epic 80s metal is not exactly new, though writing to it is a fairly recent (five or so years) development. And I place the blame squarely on Jack and his gaming friends. Because if it weren’t for all the 80s metal screaming in the background whilst we roll dice and/or reminisce about rolling dice, I would probably never have experienced 80s metal the same way. It wouldn’t get my blood pumping and my head banging and my horns being thrown up.
      Those bastards.
      But really, these sort of epic, thrashing, screaming ballads appeal to me when it comes time to really write an intense confrontation. If I’m not sitting at my keyboard bobbing my head absently to the music while some (now agéd) dude growls and shrieks in the background – the action suffers. Okay, not really, I can – and do – write in silence from time to time, but only by necessity. I feel like the energy in songs like these (see also: Drowning Pool “Bodies”, The Offspring “Bad Habit”, and more, which I’m sure I’ll list in a future post) really gets into me when I’m writing and it cannot help but some out on the page.
      I have really eccentric and broad taste in music. Some would call it crappy taste in music – but I like to think the fact that I find things to love in music by FinK.L., Garth Brooks, Black Sabbath, Shaggy, Bryan Adams, and a billion others just means I’m a well-rounded person.
      So. You may never get Dio’s voice out of your head if you listen to the original “Holy Diver” (or Killswitch Engage’s version, which is pretty spiff too) but why would you want to?
      What music gets your blood pumping when its time to kill off a character? Or blow-up a building in prose? Or whatever it is that happens in your books?

Oh yeah – captured from VHS baby!

No one wins…

Madness reigns – AAAAAAAAH yeah!