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Shameful Admissions

      October is underway.
      I am unprepared.
      I am definitely not going to get “Inferno” done before 10/15, which means when NaNo 2013 begins, I will begin it with my WIP incompleted. And I am ashamed.
      Yes, I have been writing. 1000s of words about things that I cannot publish, nor can I even post here. But I need “Inferno” to be done. Over with. Finito. Alas, it won’t be until December 2013 at the soonest. Unless, by some miracle I *do* write 50,000 words in the next ten days.
      Anyway – I have been trying desperately to choose what I am going to do for NaNo 2013 this year, because I realize now that it will end up being a *real* part of my life and portfolio and I don’t want to hate it!
      Help me, Rhonda!
      Sorry for calling you Rhonda. Is Maynard better?
      But seriously, help me!

Love & Rainbows,

NaNoWriMo 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013

      I do not have a project for NaNo 2013 yet.
      It is already September. SEPTEMBER! And yes, I have not yet finished the first draft of “Inferno” (I’m closer, I swear, but it is just… not flowing. Because I am focused on non-publishable stuff… oy vey!). I am making it a goal to try and finish by October 15th so that I can have two weeks to really plot out my next project.
      The biggest problem? Deciding what I want to pursue next. Because if you have looked at my WIP page here, I’ve got like 10 or more projects in various stages of completion. And that isn’t even really close to the whole number of things I am interested in writing at some point.
      There’s a fantasy novel, a one-off, brewing in my brain. There’s a modern day romantic comedy story. There is also a “soft” sci-fi type novel that I sort of love… at least, in theory… and I want to write about that character as well.
      ARRRGH! How do you decide? I guess I’ll just wait until I get through “Inferno” and see what appeals most come October 31st… of course, that’s how I ended up with “Incandescence” and “Inferno” in the first place.
      What do you think? Which of those (really vague) projects would you like to see me tackle?

Love & Rainbow,