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I Can Haz Pinterest, Plz?

I Can Haz Pinterest, Plz?

This post was originally featured at Crimson Flower Reviews & Randomness as part of the TTC/MK VBT 2012.
      To Pin, or Not to Pin, that is the question.
      Pinterest hit the web hard and fast last year. It just sort of EXPLODED all over the place – suddenly everyone was pinning funny quotes, cute cats, recipes, fashion (oh my gosh, the SHOES!), gossip… everything on the web with a photo or video!
      I came late to the party — odd, since I am typically so punctual — but I immediately began creating boards and adding items to them. I decided to use it less as a marketing tool (the way other authors were talking about it) and more as a way to bookmark things I liked and wanted to remember. Yes, I made a board and I pin my blog posts to that board, but mostly on my Pinterest page (shameless plug) I pin things I “like”… things to help my readers get to know me.
      Maybe its just silly and naive, but I prefer my social media to be social instead of sales-focused. People may or may not buy my books, but this way I get to interact with people from around the world, see the things that make them tick, and just… people watch by proxy.
      One controversy (of many) which has been shaking up the blogosphere recently is about copyright protection, intellectual property, and inadvertantly stealing another artist’s work while posting photos on your blog, your Facebook wall, and your Pinterest page. A great post on the subject, and one which, if I recall correctly, kicked off the most recent swirl of debate in writing circles, can be found here.
      There are lots of great blog posts about how to find stock photos to use on your blog (for instance: so please, make use of them to protect yourself. On your blogs.
      But Pinterest… well…
      I am no expert, nor am I a lawyer, so I will not deign to give advice about the legalities of the whole situation. I can only say this – err on the side of caution. When you find an article you want the ‘pin’ – check the site for ‘Pin This’ buttons or check the ‘Contact’ or ‘About’ sections to see if they allow pinning. Use your common sense. And for the love of all that is sacred and holy, NEVER claim something is yours if it is not.
      Stealing is bad.
      Don’t do it.
      But pinning, well… pinning is fun! So until the lords of the interwebs declare it wrong, I for one, will continue to add recipes, nail art, books, and inspiring places to my Pinterest boards. I’ll just be a little more cautious when seeking art for my blog.

Love & Rainbows,
Prudently P.P.

Zum Geburtstag!

Zum Geburtstag! may still be a babe in arms, but her mistress, ME, begins another year of life today. For those counting, that makes me a Taurus. An old cow. Nice.
      This year is going to bring a a lot of changes to my world. Its going to be mean a lot of hard work and sacrifice. And a lot of posting here, I suspect. Although I am trying to keep this blog ‘writing centric’, it will inevitably contain some personal things and I ask that you bear with me. I’m just trying to get my bearings in this new and ever-evolving world of publishing/marketing/et cetera.
      Today marks a re-birth of sorts, and as I mentioned previously, its a continuation of a theme that started in January with the commencement of the Year of Tangerine Tango. Like a phoenix I will rise from the ashes of my procrastinating life before and soar into the skies of… uh… well, I’m going to finish Incandescence and its sequel, Inferno. That’s my primary writing goal this year. I’ve set some new, hopefully hard-but-doable deadlines for myself. The first of which is to complete the edits on Incandescence and get it out to my betas. I’m just about half-way through right now, but I need to really get cranking.
      Despite the powerful urge to open the document and WERK! (Yes, that is ‘werk’ ala RuPaul) Today is my birthday and Jack is taking me out to get his blood drawn (grrrrreat), then a Jason-Statham-better-take-off-his-shirt movie, and lunch with his mother.
      After that, we’re going to drive all around this bloody town until I find an amazing piece of cheesecake! This area seems to be experiencing a dearth of good cheesecake and I don’t know why, but I absolutely Do. Not. Approve.
      A world without Cheesecake is like… inconceivable.
      Wish me luck!

Love & Rainbows,

P.S. Oh! I did get a birthday present from the interwebs today. Someone in my Facebook feed posted Only1Noah‘s cover of LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It” and I found a new musical love. I have a well-known penchant for folksy covers of pop & rock music (also – punk covers of the same) and while I did enjoy the cover – it was his catalogue of other covers (Billie Jean, Set Fire To The Rain, Your Song, Crazy) that blew my mind. Check him out!

P.P.S. I’ve “pinned” most of my archives to my Pinterest page for easy browsing. So if you’re interested, follow me on Pinterest >>> Penelope Price.

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