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April Showers

      It has been (blissfully) grey and drizzly these past few days. I say blissfully not because I believe in the old adage that April Showers bring May Flowers, nor because April Showers is probably the pen name I would publish erotica under (should I ever write any), but because I love rain.
      Growing up in the Seattle area helped. No, its not like they say – rain every day, mold growing behind our ears. That’s London-weather. Seattle has amazing weather. Yes, we get measurable moisture sprinkled down upon us 300 days a year, but by and large – especially in the spring – it comes in the form of a light morning drizzle that leaves the afternoon clear and beautiful. Though I will admit, some of my favorite days were the ones in which countless tiny ‘storms’ passed over us. A sudden sprinkle from 3:02 to 3:04 pm and then blue skies!
      I may have just SQUEE’d in gleeful memory.
      The weather is not like that here in Pennsylvania. It comes in furious bursts, lingers like a petulant child, and if it does not do damage to something, I swear it just returns next time hotter/wetter/windier/colder than before.
      Its no fun for a foothills flower like myself.
      So when, after a “winter” (and we use the term loosely this year…) like this past one, which included not one, but several weeks of 70+ degree weather, I embrace the grey, the rain, the lack of humidity, and the cool, crisp breezes. THIS, I scream, is what early Spring should be!
      Then, I come inside and check the weather forecast.
      As lovely as it is out there this morning, cool and clear, by the time I get off work it will be awful. Muggy and 65 degrees and no wind or rain in sight.
      Bring back my April Showers. Please!
      Damn it.

Love & Rainbows,