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Stress, Strain, Straps & Sookie

Stress, Strain, Straps & Sookie

      Sookie may well be the worst name I have come across in television, movies or literature since… since… ever. Not the musical Japanese “Suki”. But Sookie. Like Book, or Look, or Cook. Cookie. But not Kooky.
      If it were a nickname, I might not object to its ugly sound and weird spelling as much. Or at all. But it is not (apparently, I make no claim to be an expert on the cannon). And the name bugs me.
      Why am I ranting about the name of a character whose author has made a helluva name for herself with a bunch of successful books and a super-popular premium cable TV series? No, its not because I’m a jealous b*tch.
      I mean, I sort of am. But that’s not why, not today.


Admit it, this is really all you’re looking at when he’s on screen…

      The subject of character names came up recently while I was having a discussion with a writer friend. I have another post in ‘draft’ status about that whole debate, but its not finished. Anyway, this topic came up and then *blink* Jack and I started watching True Blood. We are apparently very, very late to the party – I hear that season five (featuring Joe Manganiello’s abs) is returning or recently did return. I’m not sure which, I’m out of the loop.
      It was just fortuitous timing, I suppose. But I felt upon hearing “Bill” say her name, that I was totally justified in my insistence that names are powerful and important and can’t just be tossed around.
      Except for tertiary or throw-away characters. Or as part of some awesome promotional event. *wink*
      The name “Sookie” makes me crazy. I think I dislike the character even more than I would normally, were her name “Beth” or “Jenny” or “Amber” or “Quinivarisia”. She is supposed to be this beautiful (well, physically attractive enough to have three-to-five supernatural beings and any number or mortal men & women swooning after her) but quirky, creature of light. Yet the name is so heavy. So, hard. So grating. Sookie. Rhymes with Bookie. Why not Shelby Stackhouse, if alliteration was the goal? Shelby is a light name, isn’t it?
      Anyway. I promise to one day post my rant about names.
      Today, other than acting an excuse for posting Joe Manganiello’s abs for my lovely friend, Ellie Mack, the name Sookie is a catalyst for the real topic of today’s post.
      Stress (and strain, and feeling strapped).
      I am fortunate, as I mentioned previously, to work from home. And it is generally a blessing. But there are downsides. And one of those is that when I am stressed out, I don’t get to just close down the computer and leave the hellish workplace to retreat to the wonderful refuge of my home. My wonderful refuge is 6 inches from my hellish workplace! Its horrible. There is no commute home with the music blaring so I can head-bang and fist-pound all my frustrations out before I walk in the door. Instead, I’m already there.
      Poor Jack. He ends up having to take my daily trials and tribulations a lot more often than would be necessary if I left the house to work. Because he spends a lot of time at his computer, mere feet from where I am doing my day job, he is forced to endure hours of me making small talk with strangers while I fix their computers, repair documents, blah blah blah. And when something stressful happens (as has been the case every single freaking day this week), he is forced to listen to my (mute-button engaged, of course) tirades. My cursing. My wishes to quit this damn job and write full-time. And so on.
Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård)

Much, much more to my liking than “Vampire Bill”

      I didn’t realize how stressful my poor little day job really could be until I started working from home and no longer had my commute rituals to banish them. It puts a strain on our relationship, I think, and it makes me feel terrible. I would ADORE suggestions about how to diffuse the stress before ‘coming home’ to him. So if you have any ideas, please comment below.
      Worse still, my writing is suffering this week. I found myself slashing (BRUTALLY) some stuff that really just needed to be tweaked, not omitted. I know I was just letting my frustrations color my writing and that’s not good.
      Fortunately, I have found a temporary cure. The antidote to anger and helplessness and worry because you haven’t money to pay bills without the day job but you are pretty sure the day job is killing you… apparently, is True Blood (the show, not the uh ‘beverage’).
      Jack & I are both big horror fans. Vampire books & shows are generally our ‘genre’ – but we’re picky. We like old school (real) vampires. Not glittery emo romantic ones. Still, we’ve found plenty to enjoy about the show despite having many long discussions about all the things we would have done differently. And talking about writing with Jack made the day job stresses just fall away. I think there’s a vampire project in my future! Muahaha!
      But we’re already on Season 4, and gosh! Whatever will I do then? *sob*
      Well… I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Love & Rainbows,