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Snippet Sunday: Light Of Lun

Snippet Sunday: Light Of Lun

      What follows is the first of (probably) many snippets which I hope to post here. It is the opening of Chapter Two in the first draft of a project my partner & I began a couple of years ago. Its current working title is The Light of Lun, but I can almost guarantee that that will change. I apologize in advance for the naughty language – but if you knew this character as well as I do, you would not be surprised by it. *grin*
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Chapter Two

      Snow smothered the land, crushing grasses and flowers with its heavy,
white girth. It weighed down the boughs of naked trees and heaped upon
bushes and hedges until they split beneath the onslaught. It blurred
out the graceful lines of the buildings and left everything looking
like unwieldy, awkward clumps of white mud. Piles of dung.
      Steaming, hideous piles of shit.
      She hated the snow, despised the cold, abhorred ice. She fucking
hated the confining clothes that she was forced to wear to protect
delicate flesh from its black, frozen touch. She hated this land,
hated the necessity of it; she hated that her brethren had taken to
using ice and cold in all its destructive forms against their wayward
      Eyes like chips of the bluest sapphire surveyed the surrounding area.
Nothing moved. The blizzard that had obscured the moons all night
seemed to have buried everything and everyone – a solid, heavy, white
coffin that had closed upon the entire world. She snorted at the
thought. Everyone except me. And, she allowed glancing to her left,
her, I guess.
      She was a hunter and needed no heeled-shoe bitch chasing around
behind her, killing her stealth and announcing their presence with her
dramatic looks and the flash of her jewel-tipped staff in the cold
sunlight. Yet here they were, a team, a pair…partners.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

      And that’s a start. Hope you enjoyed it. Any comments? Suggestions? Requests for more? Let me know below!

Love & Rainbows,
P.P. <3