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Tuesday’s Tunes: Bwahahaha!

Tuesday's Tunes: Bwahahaha!

      A disclaimer. Some of the songs posted will have naughty language. Some will be terrible in your opinion. Some will be terrible in my opinion. Watch the linked video(s) at your own risk.
      That said, if you have ever wondered what sort of songs are punctuating scenes in my head, come back every Tuesday to find out.

      Okay, so Tuesday’s Tunes is a little late today. Memorial Day being a holiday sort of skewed my week and I totally forgot to finish this draft and schedule it. Oops!
      Thanks for forgiving me. You do, right? RIGHT?!
      I’ve talked a lot about music that sets a scene or punctuates some action or helps me get out of reality and into THE ZONE. I’ve mentioned songs that reflect certain characters or just fill me with joy or get hits on my blog (Meghan Tonjes, I’m talking about you again). What I haven’t talked about is my proclivity for funny/parody/dirty/comedy songs.
      Yes, I adore Weird Al (and have since I was young, and will until the day I die AND he might have been the catalyst for my preference for funny, curly-haired boys), and I will probably dedicate a whole entry to him one day, but today I’m concentrating on a handful of hilarious musicians and songs that tickle my funny bone, get stuck in my head, and force me write bizarre flash fiction about banana-eating aliens and the cast of “The Guild” in LoTRO-land.
      *ahem* …again.
      Before we get to a few of the catchiest, funniest, raunchiest videos I’ve ever seen (and subjected poor Jack to), let me just make a plea to you… If you are easily offended, if the “F” word makes your ears bleed, if blond girls rapping about cocks hurts your soul, or reference to sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll are not your thing… Please, for the love of God, do not listen to the songs below. They are filthy and wonderful, but definitely not G-rated.
      That said, the songs below are just a tiny sampling of those I enjoy. They are the ones that randomly get stuck in my head and cause me to go bopping around the grocery store singing “Bounce that Dick” or “I’m on a boat, m*therf*cker, don’t you e’rr forget” or “Whether you’re English, French, Japanese, or German. Whether you’re at home or at a movie with Pee Wee Herman. We all take matters into our own hands. With the five finger army we invade our pants”.
      The first video is by a YouTube Superstar called Jenna Marbles. Her vlogs are hilarious, but not usually musical. Still, the song I’ve embedded below is called “Bounce That Dick” and its so totally her and a fantastic foray into the area of parody/comedy music. Listen to it, relish the many different euphemisms for male genitalia, and then check out the rest of her videos.
      The second video is “Alone in the Universe” by Jon Lajoie. He’s a comedian from Canada, but don’t let that blind you to his awesomeness. “Everyday Normal Guy” is witty and most of us can probably identify with some of the lyrics. The subsequent “Everyday Normal Guy 2” and “Everyday Normal Crew” (and then WTF Collective, which seem directly related to me) capture a lot of the initial comedy, but definitely insert more offensive stuff as well. I chose “Alone in the Universe” because I admire the dozen different phrases for masturbation (both dudes and chicks), and because of the video. “Pop Song” is another great one to find if you find him funny at all – its from his album and the video skewers the late-90s boy band trend as beautifully as the song does the music industry.
      And last but not least, The Lonely Island. I wanted to go with something less popular than the ubiquitous (and spectacular) “I’m on a Boat” or “Dick in a Box”, but I chose “I’m on a Boat” because of its earworminess. Which is to say, once I hear it, more than any other song on this list, I find myself singing the lyrics for hours afterwards. Usually without even knowing it. And that is as close to THE ZONE as comedy music gets me, for while I’m mindlessly humming “I’m on a boat and, it’s goin fast and, I got a nautical themed pashmina afghan. I’m the king of the world, on a boat like Leo, If you’re on the shore, then you’re sho’ not me-oh”, I’m also writing or editing like a fiend.
      Now if you like The Lonely Island (SNL alums, for those who didn’t know), definitely check out “Jizz in a Box”, “Throw it on the Ground”, “I Just Had Sex (ft. Akon)” and “3-Way/the Golden Rule (ft. Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga)”. John Waters and Nikki Minaj feature in “The Creep” which is pretty funny, and “Boombox” features Julian Casablancas, who I don’t know, but who blows glittery like nobody’s business.
      What do you think of comedy songs? Do they inspire you to better dialogue? I like to think that they do me – wittier turns of phrase and ironic juxtapositioning – but it could just be that I love to laugh.

      Which I do.

      Are there any comedy songs/artists you’d recommend for me to check out?

Love & Rainbows,