Current Work In Progress:

  • WT: Incandescence: a modern-day, magic-laced fantasy novel.
  •             Current Status: Third Draft, complete. Out for consideration.

  • WT: Inferno: the sequel to Incandescence
  •             Current Status: First Draft, in progress.

Projects On The Horizon:

  • WT: The Golden Lily: a boy named Badger & “The One”.
  • WT: Light of Lun: a collaborative, high fantasy novel.
  • WT: Rudabet: a dwindling nation vs. a hungry empire.
  • WT: Madaya: politics & power, love & lust, war & peace.
  • WT: PASaRN: a collaborative, epic fantasy series.
  • WT: Stargazer: sci-fi horror.

Projects on the Back Burner:

  • WT: Belegriand’s Fall: related to PASaRN
  • WT: The Mauve Empress: a man, a woman, and a changing world.
  • WT: Whoreson: the life & times of Garrick the Bastard
  • WT: The Three Sisters: a gritty war-torn world.
  • WT: LA Star: a dark comedic road-trip, mind-trip.
  • WT: T.D.D.: Pyrathe’s tale of Good & Evil
  • WT: The Brandywine Saga: a plague-ravaged fantasy epic.
  • WT: Untitled: Mi.Hi.Ma.Ma.Kh.St.An.Pi.
  • WT: Untitled: a modern-day zombie tale featuring J&A, the Kendo girls, and Oswald.

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